Photo restoration, audio transfer and DVD slide show production by RIVER CITY IMAGE WORKS: unsurpassed quality at reasonable cost!

Archival photograph restoration, alteration, and repair:

Using the latest digital techniques for photo restoration, we rebuild the images of torn, faded, or stained photographs, add people or things to (or remove them from) pictures, colorize old monochrome photographs, or group photos together into collages. We produce archival prints, lasting up to 100 years without appreciable fading! Click here to learn more.

Phonograph record (and tape) restoration and transfer to CD:

We restore the sound from old 78, 45, and 33-1/3 rpm records to like-new condition and transfer to long-lasting CD's. We can also transfer program material from reel-to-reel and cassette audio tapes. Click here to learn more.

Convert and preserve your photos, slides, negatives, and videotapes:

We scan your photographs, slides, and negatives to high-resolution digital files on data DVDs. These files are appropriate for long-term storage and access by current and future digital technologies. Click here to learn more.

In addition, we can produce slide shows, using your scanned images. These slide shows, which can be played on your DVD player, come to you complete with chapters, titles, and selection menus, background music, and attractive disk and DVD case artwork. Click here to learn more.

Finally, we can transfer your old videotapes to DVD according to your instructions. We can remove and/or rearrange sections that you specify and can combine segments from different VCR tapes into one DVD. Chapters, title screens, and menus are added as appropriate. We also include attractive disk and DVD case artwork. Click here to learn more.


We now offer ready-to-hang mounted canvas prints of your restored photographs!

Also visit the website of our sister company River City Art Prints.
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